Why you should become a CBS Cycling VIP Member!

  1. $40 annual membership fee (January-December)
  2. Members receive discounts on products purchased at CBS Cycling
  3. “Members only” invitation to special sales
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Weekly Group Riding Policies

The objective of the weekly rides is to promote cycling in all varieties (gravel, mountain, road, track, tri) in Santa Clarita. Our Thursday night and Saturday morning group rides are a great opportunity to experience the excitement of riding with a great group of fellow cyclists.

We ask you to read and familiarize yourself with the policies and practices of the before you join a ride:

  • All riders must wear helmets without exception.
  • Do not wear your headphones during the group ride.
  • Group safety is paramount at all times; we will assist in helping you familiarize yourself with riding in a group.
  • CBS Cycling assumes no responsibility for the riders - members or guests.
  • Bring your own spare items: Cellphone, Tubes, Air, Food, Water, Money, etc. - there is no SAG.
  • You must observe all traffic laws.
  • The route although posted on CBS Cycling calendar is subject to change.
  • The rides naturally separate into ability groups as the ride progresses.
  • You may be dropped; but regroup point(s) are always indicated along the route.
  • CBS Cycling promotes good riding skills.
  • The group WILL stop for mechanical and flats; call out and signal clearly when you are slowing and/or stopping.
  • Please point out potholes and other hazards with an extended hand.
  • Ride safely for your own protection and for the benefit of others; and remember to have fun!

Group Etiquette:

  • Bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous sport.
  • Any biking related activity, including road biking and mountain biking (but not limited to such) involves risks.
  • There is a real chance that you may get hurt while cycling anywhere and anytime, and these injuries could even result in your death.
  • CBS Cycling does not claim to be experts in cycling safety.
  • CBS Cycling cannot guarantee your safety, while on your bike and riding with us.
  • Posted rides are open to public participation, CBS Cycling does not sanction rides - they are posted for reference only.
  • We make no claim to the safety, control attendance or road conditions.
  • CBS Cycling does NOT assume any liability by your participation.
  • In no event, shall CBS Cycling accept responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage you might sustain.